Debugging structured data in the post-SDTT-era

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With Google announcing their Rich Results Test tool was out of beta also came their decision to deprecate their famous Structured Data Testing Tool(SDTT for short). This started a discussion within the SEO community.

What does SDTT have that Rich Results Test doesn't?

That's a long story. For now, I'll be focusing on giving you a list of alternatives for specific use cases. I'll be summarising 'that long story' here soon enough, please bear with me. Until then, you are welcome to read up on it on Twitter:

What are the alternatives?

For SEO QA and/or debugging

My general tool to go for any type of markup would be Screaming Frog. However, making sense of the parsing errors reported by Screaming Frog can be a bit tricky in the tool - which is when I turn to check the code reported as an error again in other tools (see below) to find out what's causing that error.

The tool of choice depends on what markup type you chose to use:


Microdata and RDFa

With microdata being a bit outdated, it's mostly Google's tools you'd have to rely on. I'll continue to look for an alternative. If you see any on your way through the web, please let me know, will you?

To find sample code for SEO feature requests

If you need to submit sample code for your feature requests addressing your development team (which we highly suggest), there are a number of resources to help you to generate and then modify markup to your liking (and validate or debug it with the tools we just named above):

JSON-LD generators

Most of the generators out there will only offer JSON-LD sample code nowadays. If for whatever reason you'd rather feed your microdata or RDFa fetish, be my guest and scroll a bit further down.

Microdata generators

If you're feeling a bit retro, these got you covered:

RDFa generators

Now if you're feeling very retro, you might still want to generate RDFa or be looking to transform RDFa to Microdata:

Google Tools

If you would rather double-check with Google tools, you can still do that:


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